Top publications
h5-index is the h-index for articles published in the last 5 complete years. It is the largest number h such that h articles published in 2018-2022 have at least h citations each.hide
h5-median for a publication is the median number of citations for the articles that make up its h5-index.hide
1.Composite Structures100130
2.Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering97133
3.Engineering Structures93119
4.Thin-Walled Structures7390
5.Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization5879
6.Structural Control and Health Monitoring5783
7.Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering5578
8.Journal of Constructional Steel Research5567
9.Steel and Composite Structures5493
10.Journal of Structural Engineering5365
12.Computers & Structures4872
13.Computational Mechanics4765
14.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics4762
15.International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering4556
16.Structural Concrete4555
17.Journal of Bridge Engineering4353
18.Structural Safety4264
19.Structure and Infrastructure Engineering4259
20.Journal of Earthquake Engineering4155
Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program.